IRS Consignment

In February of 2007 Habitat for Humanity Portugal was given non-profit status.
This means anyone can now donate a percentage of their IRS to Habitat for Humanity Portugal, thus contributing to the improvement of the living conditions of many Portuguese families, as that money will be channelled to the costruction/reconstruction of more more homes for families in need.

For you to donate from your IRS, all you have to do is as follows: write our VAT (503874264) in the following field: Table 11, in the IRS form.

It is important to say that this donation will not cost you anything because it is the government that is going to give that money in question.

Help Habitat for Humanity Portugal build homes for those that really need a safer and healthier shelter!


Volunteering is a key part of Habitat for Humanity Portugal’s work, without our volunteers we wouldn´t be able to help so many families to have a decent home to live in.

There are several ways to volunteer with Habitat for Humanity Portugal, therefore you will easily find one that best suits you.



Building is our reason for existing and our main activity. Come and build with us and with other local and international volunteers.

Punctual activities

There are several activities that a volunteer can punctually perform in Habitat for Humanity Portugal and that are vital in improving the functioning of the organization.

This involvement includes: translation, international volunteer support, help on the organization of events, among other activities.

In case you want to be a volunteer, please download the application form
and send it to

“It’s always important  how we live each day, and even more important what we take from it. Giving is receiving!”

Liliana Simões de Jesus




By supporting Habitat for Humanity Portugal with a donation you are helping the construction or reconstruction of a house and the improvement of the living conditions of a family in need.

when financing a project you are ensuring the construction, or the reconstruction of a home.

Faith Builder
someone who works on a regular basis with Habitat for Humanity, and also donates a pre-determined amount that contributes to the continuity of our humanitarian projects, thus creating a deep bond.

Donations of Material
donating useful materials to our projects, allows us to keep building decent and affordable homes, creating a permanent link between your company and the families.

Donations of land
the donation of the land for construction is the first step before the beginning of any of the projects implemented by Habitat. This therefore, occupies a place of high importance in our framework of support and donations.

Hope builder

"Hopebuilder" is someone who works on a regular basis with Habitat for Humanity Portugal, and also donates a pre-determined amount that contributes to the continuity of our humanitarian projects, thus creating strong bonds.

Corporate and Foundation Partners


By making a one-time or regular donation you will be directly helping our beneficiary families.

We accept donations in construction materials. If you can help or know who can, please contact us.

Corporate Volunteering

Build your team while building the image of your company, improving the community and above all a home for a family in need.

Imagine the cooperation necessary to build walls, build a roof, or the foundations of a house. Have you ever tried to carry out these activities with your employees? How would they trust each other, communicate with one another and develop a plan of action. This is your opportunity to discover.

Habitat for Humanity Portugal offers your company a unique and rewarding experience that gives your team, department or organization the opportunity to do something good and receive something back from that experience.

Habitat for Humanity projects provide a challenge, it requires teamwork, communication and problem-solving to achieve success.

Habitat for Humanity provides supervision and monitors the work, equipment and construction materials.

Participation in this program will provide:

- Learning new skills;
- Building the foundations of a home with a team spirit;
- Improving the dynamics of the group.
 We are building more than a house with this program:

- You are improving the image of your organization in working together with Habitat for Humanity Portugal;

- You are increasing the morale of your employees by demonstrating your own concerns with the problems within the community;

- Media awareness, for your company, and also for the problem of poor housing conditions.

We hope to have your support! This will, without a doubt, be a positive experience in every aspect!

We are at your disposal to provide you any necessary information.

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