Our History

Habitat for Humanity Portugal was founded by José Cruz Pinto, a local entrepreneur, who, inspired by the work of Habitat for Humanity International and the story of their founders Linda and Millard Fueller, gathered a group of friends and gave the first steps towards what is today Habitat for Humanity Portugal.

After several contacts and confirmation of the feasibility of the project, Habitat for Humanity Portugal was officially created in May 1996. Therefore, in October it was admitted as an official affiliate of Habitat for Humanity International.

Our history has been built thanks to the unconditional support from several people that cherished our project throughout the years. Without the mutual effort from volunteers, organizations, companies and families, it would not have been possible to pursue our mission.

In 2010 we finished our first project outside the Braga region, more precisely in Amarante, where we now have an office.

Unfortunately there are still numerous families that live in substandard housing and for that reason we will keep on fighting against poor housing conditions in Portugal.

What we do

Housing intervention

New home construction

The main objective of Habitat for Humanity Portugal is the construction or rehabilitation of low income family homes.

This way we are able to put into practice our vision: “A world where everyone has a decent place to live”

Habitat intervenes on the following situations:

-        New home construction

-        Rehabilitation

-        Repairs

-        Rebuilding

-        Incremental improvements

Raise awareness

The issue of poor housing conditions is far from solved, every day new cases of families living in undignified conditions are brought to our attention.

Our role is to raise awareness to this problem, not only through our work, but also by bringing to people’s attention cases of unacceptable living conditions.

Habitat for Humanity Portugal is available to participate in any type of initiative that promotes this theme and shares it´s experience



General Assembly

President Maria Teresa Queirós Vasconcelos Mota Neves da Costa
Vice-president Paula Alexandra Correia Veloso da Veiga Benesch
Member Carlos Manuel Azevedo Pina Vaz

Fiscal Council

President Ricardo Daniel Martins Costa
Vice-president António Alberto Lobo Ferreira Gonçalves
Member Elisabete de Oliveira Saldanha 

Board of Directors

President Helena Maria Vale Rego Vinhas Bastos Pina-Vaz
Vice- President Alfredo Rogério Moreira Torres Machado
Tresurer José Manuel Braga Ferreira
Member Ida Cândida Soares da Silva e Sousa
Member Senhorinha Fátima Capela Fortunas Teixeira


João Paulo Costa Oliveira
Ana Sofia da Costa Gonçalves

Filipa Maria Barbosa de Barros
Beatriz Dias Lopes

Construction Committee

João Paulo Oliveira
Helena Pina Vaz
Alberto Gonçalves
Alfredo Machado
Duarte Fernandes
Elisabete de Oliveira Saldanha 

Training/Communication/Image Committee

Rosália Louçano
Alexandra Gonçalves
Sandra Conde

Families Committee (Braga)

José Manuel Ferreira

Ida Cândida Soares da Silva e Sousa

Palmira Oliveira
Sílvia Camões

Families Committee (Amarante)

Alexandra Matias
Joana Matias
Ana Costa
Daniela Teixeira
Rosário Rebelo
Maria Santos
Florbela Ferreira

Fundraising Committee

Senhorinha Fátima Capela Fortunas Teixeira
Filipa Maria Barbosa de Barros

Sandra Conde Tinoco

Alexandra Gonçalves

Andrea Duarte

Carlos Rego

Merchandising Committee

Dina Vieira
Isabel Vieira
Natália Beça

Habitat for Humanity Portugal

Habitat for Humanity Portugal  is a christian non-profit organization that dedicates itself to addressing the issue of poor housing conditions. Since its foundation in 1996, Habitat for Humanity Portugal served more than 100 families.

It is Habitat for Humanity Portugal's belief that everyone has the right to a decent home, a vital element that contributes to a stable and healthy life.

Habitat for Humanity Portugal is an affiliate of  Habitat for Humanity International, an organization located in more than 70 countries which, since 1976, has helped more than 29 million people worldwide, providing them with a decent, safe and affordable shelter.

Housing is a major concern of Portuguese families in need, with 65 percent of them living in dilapidated housing and 8.5 percent in shacks. One of the biggest challenges of Habitat for Humanity Portugal is to change the culture of subsidy dependency. The Governmental Social Housing Program has shown some effctiveness, in terms of numbers, on re-housing families that lived in poor conditions, but the nurturing and educational programs that should be given to these families after the re-housing do not exist.

Poverty housing in Portugal is spread all over the country, with two distinctive kinds of housing: in the interior the ‘hidden poverty’ (typical Portuguese houses with a small orchard that hides disgraceful housing conditions) and in the big cities, the shacks. Since the 1970s, Portugal has been the destination country for immigrants from the former Portuguese colonies and Brazil and, more recently, for immigrants from former Soviet Union countries. The need for affordable housing is growing dramatically.

Annually, Habitat for Humanity Portugal welcomes hundreds of international volunteers through the Global Village Program. This program offers more than just the opportunity to use a hammer. The volunteers experience Portugal as a local inhabitant, with the local inhabitants, they meet people from all over the world, from different types of origins, races and religions.

Global Village offers international volunteers the opportunity to take part in the ”hands on” construction or renovation of homes in more than 40 countries around the world. Participating in a Global Village team offers a unique travel experience and an unforgettable opportunity to be fully immersed in the local community. Team members experience great personal growth through cultural and linguistic challenges, and return to their home countries transformed.

Family selection process

The selection of the families who will be supported by Habitat for Humanity Portugal is conducted through a process that involves several structures of Habitat for Humanity Portugal and that has as main goal a selection of families that have a real housing need.

This process begins with the filling of the application form by the family and the delivery of several documents that will be analyzed by the Families Committee.

Here you can download the application form, as well as the list of the required documents to return along with the application at our headquarters or through email habitat.hfhp@habitat.pt